Industry Update August 2020

Industry Update August 2020

Welcome to our August 2020 update.

It has been a year of challenges and changes so far and we have been grateful to be able to enjoy our solid tenant and owner relationships while working through the difficulties COVID 19 has brought with it.

RobsonKerr Property Management Limited have been able to continue to deliver our Property Management services with the help of our tenants and owners.

We have been able to complete a number of Tenant Assisted Inspections thanks to an upgrade of our existing applications and are enjoying touching base, in person, with a lot of our tenants now that New Zealand is in Alert Level 1.

Rent freezes remain in place until 25 September 2020 unless the Government chooses to extend this time frame.

Landlords are now able to terminate tenancy’s under normal Residential Tenancy Act provisions and tenants are able to move properties as before.

We continue to observe social distancing and hygiene guidelines as a precautionary measure during our on-site and in person contacts.

Changes to Tenancy Legislation were passed on 5 August 2020 and will come into force after Royal Ascent.

While Tenancy Services are working on resources to help Landlords and Tenants understand how this will affect them key changes include;

  • Landlords will not be able to end a periodic tenancy without a reason. The legislation will set out specified reasons that a landlord may use to end a periodic tenancy.
  • Fixed-term tenancies will become periodic tenancies at the end of the fixed term. This applies unless the landlord and tenant agree otherwise, the tenant gives notice, or the landlord gives notice using one of the specified reasons.
  • Tenants who need to leave a tenancy quickly due to family violence will be able to provide the landlord with a family violence withdrawal notice.
  • Tenants will be able to add minor fittings to their premises where the installation and removal of the fittings is low risk.
  • The Regulator will have new compliance tools to take direct action against parties who are not meeting their obligations.
  • The penalty amounts will be increased in line with rental increases since 2006 when the penalty amounts were set.
  • Soliciting rental bids, for example, by advertising a property without a rental price, will be prohibited.
  • The minimum period between rent increases will be raised from six months to twelve months.
  • A party who is successful in the Tenancy Tribunal can have their identifying details removed from the Tribunal’s decision.
  • The reform also clarifies that the RTA does not apply to Government-funded transitional and emergency housing.

More information can also be found at;

RobsonKerr Property Management Limited are more than happy to help you navigate your Tenancy’s if you have questions or are looking for a change of Property Manager so give us a bell.

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