COVID19 update May 2020

Well done NZ! We are nearly at Alert Level 2.

While the last few weeks have been challenging I think NZ’ers are generally grateful that decisions made by our government have helped to keep NZ safe and minimise the health threat of COVID19.

There have been some restrictions for our owners and tenants which will continue for a while.

We have a rent freeze for 6 months and no tenancy terminations for 3 months (unless agreed by both tenant and owner), these restrictions will be reviewed by the government and possibly extended.

RobsonKerr Property Management Limited is keeping up to date with government information and Tenancy Services are posting updates on their website for Owners and Tenants to check into for clarification if the need.

Working virtually works well for RobsonKerr as our online Property Management platform allows personal login access for our owners and tenants to access their property and tenancy information whenever they wish.

This means that owners and tenants can keep on top of information like rent payments, ownership payments, outstanding water accounts, maintenance requests and progress with maintenance requests.

We have also added a Tenant Assisted inspection App to help our tenants and owners to provide up to date information on the condition of their properties and satisfy insurance requirements while under the current Alert Level restrictions.

If you need help to Manage your property under current Alert Level restrictions drop us a line.

BE PATIENT                             BE KIND                        HELP SUPPORT OTHERS STAY SAFE AND WELL