When does the rental money get paid into my account?
This occurs on the 1st and 16th of each month (or next available business day in the event of a public holiday or weekend).

How does RobsonKerr Property Management Limited ensure my property is not let to undesirable people?

We conduct background checks on all applicants using their references, previous property managers, Tenancy Tribunal and employers details.  We also take into account your preferred tenant requirements while screening prospective tenants.

Who pays for advertising?

A. RobsonKerr Property Management Limited pays for Trademe advertising. Further advertising such as local papers will require payment from landlords.

What happens when a tenant doesn’t pay the rent?
Within 2 working days of non payment of rent we make direct contact with the tenant by phone or in person to discuss arrears and agree how this will be resolved.  The landlord will be informed. After 3 days with no resolution a “14 working day notice” is issued.  This requires the tenant to catch up with the arrears and any current rent payments during this period. If rent is still in arrears an application to the Tenancy Tribunal is made for mediation.

How much does the tenant pay to move in?
RobsonKerr Property Management Limited will collect up to 4 weeks rent as a bond which is lodged with the Department of Building and Housing and 1-2 week’s rent in advance for the initial rent payment.

How does the tenant pay their rent?

Most commonly an automatic payment is set up from the Tenants bank account to RobsonKerr Property Management Limited Trust account.

How often can I increase the rent?
Once every 180 days (6 months), you must also give the tenant notice of this increase 60 days prior to this occurring.

What if repairs are required to my property?
In an Emergency RobsonKerr Property Management Limited will contact you to discuss options you may have to rectify the property.  We suggest a letter of prior consent on the maximum level of funds to be made available to make good any repairs or emergency work to be carried out on your behalf.  In the event of a life threatening situation or ceasing of a necessary service RobsonKerr will take necessary steps to secure property and safety of tenants under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

How much notice does the tenant have to give before moving out?
The tenant must provide 21 days notice in writing of their intention to cease the Tenancy Agreement.  Under a fixed contract the tenant remains committed to their tenancy agreement unless otherwise negotiated with RobsonKerr and you the Landlord until completion of the fixed contract.

How does the tenant get their bond back?
Once the tenant moves out, the rent is paid in full, RobsonKerr will conduct a final inspection.  If the house is clean, tidy and damage free, a bond refund form is signed by RobsonKerr and forwarded to the Department of Building and Housing who release the agreed bond directly to the tenant.

What if I want to sell my property?
You will need to advise RobsonKerr of your intention to sell the property so we are able to inform the tenant.  If the house is sold and the new owners wish to move in or cancel the tenancy contract then 42 days written notice must be given to the tenants.

What if, I or a family member, wants to move back in or I want the current tenants out?
42 days notice must be given to the tenant prior to moving in. 90 days notice must be given to the tenant.   If the tenant moves out prior to the completion of the 90 day notice period they must give the landlord 21 days notice.